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Rental of Security Camera and Security System InfiPower GUARD2


Peace of mind to keep watching over your daily life.

In our lives and workplaces, there are times when we face unimaginable dangers. When I am involved in an incident or an accident, I often think, "If only I had a security camera."

We provide "peace of mind" that keeps watching over peaceful daily life with security cameras and security systems.

We have started renting two types of high-performance security cameras and the InfiPowerGUARD2 security system. Security cameras watch over various scenes such as school and workplace events, construction and construction sites, farms and garages instead of your eyes.

We have realized short-term rentals and low prices that can be rented from 1 day so that you can use security cameras more easily and close to you.

Please feel the peace of mind that you can always watch from your smartphone or computer.


About Remote Monitoring

Security cameras and security system GUARD2 can be monitored remotely from the smartphone app "InfiPower GUARD" or web browser. The smartphone app is compatible with iOS and Android. You can also operate the PTZ camera with the app.

You can rest assured even if there is a power outage.

UPS(DC uninterruptible power supply) is set, so even if there is a power failure or the power cable is cut, power can be supplied instantly and the security camera can be operated.

・Fixed focus camera plan This is a rental plan for one 2-megapixel box type 60m infrared security camera. As it is a fixed type, it is suitable for monitoring the entrance and exit of a building or a specific place. camera detailshttps://infipwr.com/product/cb2m4i6-8-35/.

・PTZ camera plan This is a rental plan for one 2-megapixel high-speed PTZ 150m infrared security camera. Security camera that can swing and zoom horizontally and vertically. The direction of the camera can be operated by the application. It is possible to monitor a wide area or zoom to a specific location (such as an intruder's face). camera detailshttps://infipwr.com/product/cs62m20hi/.


Security camera server for fixed focus camera plan and PTZ camera plan"CamCon", a mobile router for communication, and a UPS (DC uninterruptible power supply) are included.

Fee structure

period fixed focus camera plan PTZ camera plan
1 day 500 yen 900 yen
2 weeks 5,500 yen 10,182 yen
1 month 8,000 yen 14,819 yen
6 months 45,637 yen (7,607 yen per month) ¥84,819 (¥14,137 per month)
12 months 76,819 yen (6,402 yen per month) 142,819 yen (11,902 yen per month)
24 months 138,364 yen (5,766 yen per month) 257,273 yen (10,720 yen per month)
*All prices do not include tax.

What is InfiPower GUARD 2?

InfiPower GUARD2can be remotely managed from the smartphone app "InfiPower GUARD" or a web browser. In addition to the monitoring function with security cameras, it has a crime prevention function. When the sensor reacts, the floodlight illuminates and a pre-recorded warning sound is emitted from the speaker. You can also broadcast audio from your smartphone in real time. In addition, sensor detection will be notified immediately by app notification and email."InfiPower GUARD2 BOX"Since the is equipped with a UPS (direct current uninterruptible power supply), even if there is a power failure or the power cable is cut, it is possible to instantly supply power and operate the security system.

*InfiPowerGUARD2 can be customized with cameras, sensors, and alarm equipment according to your needs.

・GUARD2 fixed focus camera plan:This is a fixed focus camera and InfiPowerGUARD2 basic set (InfiPowerGUARD2BOX, 2 motion sensors, speaker, floodlight) rental plan.

・GUARD2 PTZ camera plan:Rental plan for PTZ camera and InfiPowerGUARD2 basic set (InfiPowerGUARD2BOX, 2 motion sensors, speaker, floodlight).

Fee structure

period GUARD2 Fixed Focus Camera Plan GUARD2 PTZ Camera Plan
1 week 10,000 yen 12,546 yen
2 weeks 17,819 yen 22,546 yen
1 month 25,819 yen 32,728 yen
6 months 147,364 yen (24,561 yen per month) 186,637 yen (31,107 yen per month)
12 months 248,273 yen (20,690 yen per month) 314,364 yen (26,197 yen per month)
24 months 446,819 yen (18,618 yen per month) ¥565,819 (¥23,576 per month)
*All prices do not include tax.


Installation method

Screws are required to install each device. Necessary materials are included in the rental kit. Basically, it is possible to install it by yourself, but it is also possible to arrange for construction, so please contact us if you would like to request (a separate construction fee will be charged).


Rental flow (when using Yahoo Shopping)

Rental flow (for direct transactions with us)

If you would like to deal directly with us, please contact us as following. Contact Us :sales@infipwr.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are there any other charges? A: A separate shipping fee will be charged. The customer is responsible for the shipping fee when returning the product. An option fee will be charged when the option is selected.

Q.Is there an internet connection? Prices? A.: The Internet connection device is built into the camera system. Communication starts just by plugging in the power supply, enabling remote monitoring. Customers do not need to sign a separate Internet contract. Please be assured that the connection fee is included in the rental fee.

Q.Can I cancel the contract in the middle? A. Yes, but a penalty will be charged. If there are more than one month remaining, the penalty will be the number of remaining months x usage fee per month x 0.5.

Q. If the contract starts in the middle of the month, is the fee prorated? A.The rental period is from the rental start date to the end of the contract period. For example, if you rent for one month and start renting on the 15th, the contract period ends on the 14th of the following month. Therefore, we do not calculate the daily rate.

Q.How do I apply and pay?(When using Yahoo Shopping) A. First, please contact us with your desired plan and the start date and period of use. After confirming the contents, please make a payment at YAHOO Shopping Infi Power Shop. To confirm your identity, please send us a copy of your ID by e-mail to complete the reception. Payment methods include Paypay balance payment, credit card payment, au simple payment, Softbank/Y!mobile collective payment, convenience store payment, bank transfer (Pay-easy), Rakuten bank transfer, Sumishin SBI Net Bank transfer.

Q.Is it easy to use? A.There is no problem if you can install apps and operate online shopping on your smartphone or PC. Please note that if you have difficulty operating both your PC and smartphone, you will not be able to use it.

Q.Can GUARD2 cameras and sensors be added? A.It is possible as an option. Please select from the order page of Yahoo shopping.

Q.Is the camera wired? Is it wireless? A. Wired. The floodlight and speaker are also wired, but it is also possible to change to wireless. Please contact us for more information. The motion sensor and optional beam light sensor/solar siren flashlight are wireless and operate with a solar panel and built-in power supply, so no power supply is required.

Q.How long is the recording time? A.The camera has a built-in 128GB SD card. Recording time is about 2 weeks.

Q.Is it possible to purchase instead of renting? A.It is possible. Please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about rental methods, equipment specifications, etc.


Security Camera/Security System Rental Terms of Use

Click here for ID address and inquiries sales@infipwr.com