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InfiPower GUARD2 Box

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"InfiPower GUARD2 Box"

When installing the InfiPower GUARD 2 security system, there are a wide variety of internal electrical storage devices and installation environments. Easier to manage.

Contents of "InfiPower GUARD2 Box"




















  • Two 12V/5A AC adapters
  • iUPS-DD1205 2 UPS power supplies
  • 12V->5V DC-DC converter x1
  • EA01L Mobile router x1
  • Switching hub x1
  • "InfiPower GUARD2"Security server x1
  • OPS245 DC control switch x2
  • Micro USB charging cable x1
  • MicroUSB 2 branch cable x1
  • 3 branch DC cable x1
  • Stereo 3.5mm-RCA conversion cable x1
  • LAN cable x2
  • 2 outlets x1


  • Audio extension 5m cable x1
  • DC extension 5m cable x3

Internal wiring diagram


















Input AC100~240V AC power supply
Output LAN terminal x3
12V power supply x 3 (projector 50W, camera and speaker total 50W)
Audio RCA terminal


Entire box power consumption

Approximately 7W during general alert

Approximately 15.5 W when all external devices such as speakers, cameras, and floodlights are operating simultaneously