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InfiPower GUARD 2

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Remote security system "InfiPower GUARD 2"

“InfiPower GUARD 2” is the successor to “InfiPower GUARD 1” announced in 2020.

Industrial security and surveillance cameras (CB2M4I6-8-35,CS62M20HI), various security sensors, and alarm devices, you can create a private cloud remote security system. Newly developed InfiPower GUARD 2 security server, smart phone application, real-time IP address automatic update, power failure, disconnection, intrusion alarm, threat, camera operation/recording, access from both web and application, multiple users Simultaneous monitoring of multiple sites, facility maintenance and crime prevention.



















Main features:

  • Multiple users remotely manage multiple sites from the smartphone app "InfiPower GUARD" or web browser
  • Various security sensors, alarm equipment, cameras, etc. can be set, managed, and operated remotely.
  • Sensors such as motion sensors and infrared beam sensors do not require a power supply because they have a built-in solar panel and battery, and long-distance wireless communication between sensors, alarm devices and the "InfiPower GUARD" server eliminates the need for wiring.
  • Sensors, cameras, alarm devices/methods can be set to work together, and operate automatically.
  • Purchased private cloud system that does not depend on a third party server and does not incur server costs
  • A pre-recorded warning sound can be emitted from a loudspeaker and can be broadcast in real time from a smartphone.
  • Alert emails and push messages from local InfiPower GUARD servers to multiple users instantly when a sensor is triggered
  • Security can be started and canceled with a single button on the screen.
  • The main server is the size of a business card case and can be installed in a narrow space.

Comparison with existing security/protection/crime prevention systems

Example of a 700 square meter solar power plant

Example of 700m2 solar power plant InfiPower GUARD 2 General security company services
privacy Expensive because it is a private cloud Security company server
Operation method 1. Strongly intimidate suspicious persons with sound and light
2. Check with a camera and chase away suspicious people with live voice
3. report to the police
*Four. The key is tear gas to ward off suspicious people
警備会社の基地局でセンサの異常を受信した場合、 25分以内(地域によっては30分以内)に警備員を現地に到着させ、状況によって不審者を監視したり、警察に通報する
Communication between sensor and server, security range Long-distance wireless, within a maximum 35km radius with good visibility Wired or short-range wireless
Power supply for sensors and siren alarms Built-in solar panel and battery, no power supply required AC AC power supply
Interlocking of sensors, cameras, and alarm/intimidation devices Freely set remotely can't set
Immediate user alert notification Send emails, push messages to multiple users at the same time Notify Security Center
Operate sensors and alarm devices remotely ×
Remote camera operation operate freely remotely Separate camera server required
remote speaker voice broadcast ×
Measures against power interruption Uninterruptible power supply UPS x 2 units ×
Manage multiple facilities with a smartphone app In conjunction with maps, multiple users can manage multiple facilities at the same time Separate cloud service contract required
Initial equipment cost 293,028 from 400000
construction DIY possible with safe power supply 12V 75,000
service cost 0 20000/month
contract period binding none 5 years or more
5 year total cost 293,028 1,675,000
*System configuration - security server x 1, motion sensor x 1, 3-beam sensor x 1, speaker x 1, floodlight x 1, box camera x 1, UPS x 2
* Pear system under development


Item specification
Number of wired devices 4
Number of wireless devices 100
Number of cameras No limit
Simultaneous video stream Up to 3 streams (H.264)
recording Save to camera body
Power-supply voltage DC5V (Micro USB)
Wireless communication method 920MHz Specified Low Power Radio
Wireless Communication Distance Approximately 1 Km, 1.6 Km in a line-of-sight environment (enhanced type)
relay multi-hop 5 steps
Power consumption 2W
Wired IO input/output terminal CMOS 3.3V, ≤16mA, Total ≤50mA
Wired LAN RJ-45 x1: IEEE802.3i (10BASE-T), IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX)
audio output 3.5mm stereo jack
Weight about 300g
Body operating temperature range -10 to 60°C, no condensation



*It is necessary to contract a SIM card with a global IP address separately with a telecommunications company. Please check the link below for details

2. Gmailを使っています、smtp.gmail.comをSMTP送信サーバーとして設定したら、送信が拒否されました。