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Rental Ground Screw Pile Driver

1.8m ground screw Electric pile driver for construction


We rent an electric earth auger (pile driver) machine for 1.8m ground screw construction. We rent in units per one night.

Unit price / Night.

Power supply 100V/200V, 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption 2000W
torque 2500N/3500N
rotation speed/min 10 (2500N)/4 (3500N)
Adaptive screw 76x1800mm
maximum current 20A/(100V), 10A/(200V)

Rental contract basis

1: The number of days for billing the rental fee will be calculated from the day the machine is moved out of our base until the day it is returned to the base after use.

2:  レンタル料金等のお支払いは原則として現金または銀行振込にてお申し受けします。

3: As a good manager of the property being rented, the lessee is obligated to use and store it, and cannot use it in an unfair manner, or lend or deliver it to others without permission.

4: Transportation costs shall be borne by the lessee.

5: The lessee shall immediately notify the lessor of any damage or malfunction of the rented property, and shall take necessary measures after confirming with the lessor.

6: Actual expenses for damage, theft, or loss due to careless use or accidents shall be borne by the lessee.

7: Matters other than the above will be agreed at the time of contract.