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iUPS-DD High Output DC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

1 year warranty
Model capacity Input Output Size
iUPS-DD1205 44.4wh

(Special specification 88.8WH)

DC12V/6A DC5.5*2.1mm DC 12.5V 5A DC5.5*2.1mm 137*124*44mm
iUPS-DD2403 44.4wh

(Special specification 88.8WH)

DC24V/4A DC5.5*2.1mm DC 24V 3A DC5.5*2.1mm 137*124*44mm

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Backup of DC12V/24V devices in the event of momentary voltage drop or power failure

Powerful specification of 12V 5A / 24V 3A (44.4WH or 88.8WH) achieves over 30 minutes power outage retention time (at rated maximum current).
It is ideal as a power supply for communication equipment, security cameras, wireless equipment, broadcasting equipment, etc.


  • Can be charged from a commercially available 12V AC adapter
  • Small size, powerful output
  • Preferentially distribute current to loads after power failure recovery with constant charging current

Electrical specifications

minimum Rating maximum unit
1.1 Input voltage (DC) 12 V.
1.2 Input voltage range (DC) 11.1 12 14.5 V.
1.3 charge conversion efficiency ≥85%
1.4 Input current 5.55 6 A.
1.5 charging current 550 mA
minimum Typical maximum unit
2.1 output voltage 10.8 12.5 12.8 V.
2.2 Output ripple voltage 0.1 V.
2.3 output current 5 A.
2.4 Output overcurrent protection threshold 5.5 A.
2.5 Output conversion efficiency 85 %
 3,lithium ion battery protection
  item sign contents  value



overcharge V.DET1 Overcharge protection start voltage 12.6±0.025V
TVDET1 Time until protective action 1000ms
V.REL1 Overcharge protection release voltage 12.1±0.025V
3.2 over discharge V.DET2 Overdischarge protection start voltage 9.1±0.1V
TVDET2 Time until protective action 82nS
3.3 over current V.DET3 Overcurrent protection start voltage 0.0375±0.025V
IDP Protection current upper limit 12.5A
TVDET3 Time until protective action 5 to 15ms
Unprotection condition load disconnect


short circuit protection start condition External load short circuit
T.SHORT Time until protective action ≤12us
Unprotection condition External short-circuit release
3.5 internal resistance R.DS Main circuit continuity resistance V.C.=11.1V, RDS≤60mΩ
 4,standby current
4.1 standby current IDD IDD≤30.0μA


Ambient temperature/humidity0 to +55°C/10 to 90%RH (no condensation)

Storage ambient temperature/humidity-20 to +55°C/10 to 90%RH (no condensation)

I/O voltage time chart during backup transition