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InfiPower CamCon Camera Server

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Security camera server "InfiPower CamCon"

Security/surveillance cameras (CB2M4I6-8-35,CS62M20HI) to create a private cloud remote security camera system. camera(CB2M4I6-8-35,CS62M20HI) also has a built-in web UI, which can be accessed using the browser Internet Explorer. If you want to monitor life and death, you need "InfiPower CamCon"."InfiPower GUARD 2"Based on this, it is a low-cost camera server specialized for camera management, omitting related functions of various sensors and alarm devices.

Main features:

  • Remote monitoring and management of multiple cameras by multiple users with the smartphone app "InfiPower GUARD"
  • Remotely configure, manage, and operate cameras
  • A private cloud system that does not depend on a third-party server and automatically follows changing IP addresses
  • Monitor the life and death of cameras, and if there is an abnormality, alert emails and push messages will be sent to multiple users immediately from the InfiPower CamCon server.
  • The main body is the size of a business card case, so it can be installed in a narrow space.


item specification
Number of cameras No limit (within router specifications)
Simultaneous video stream Up to 3 streams (H.264)
recording Save to camera body
Power-supply voltage DC 5V (Micro USB type B)
Power consumption <2W
Wired LAN RJ-45 x1: IEEE802.3i (10BASE-T), IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX)
audio output 3.5mm stereo jack
Weight about 78g
Body operating temperature range -10 to 60°C, no condensation