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Solar wireless infrared 3 beam sensor

Solar wireless infrared beam sensor IBS1S3

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  • No power supply required with solar panel and built-in battery
  • Operates by blocking 3 beams simultaneously, adjustable response speed
  • long range radio
  • IP66 waterproof and dustproof
  • Can be charged externally
  • Encoded infrared rays resistant to external light and other infrared interference
  • With life-and-death monitoring function
  • LCD numeric display for easy aiming
  • Comes with a level and is easy to install
  • Two types of brackets for walls and poles


Model IBS1S3
Sensor detection distance about 100m
Wireless Communication Distance Approximately 1000m in a line-of-sight environment
infrared beam Detects by 3-axis simultaneous interruption
Wireless communication method 920MHz Specified Low Power Radio
Maximum number of operations (24 hours) ≤200 times
reaction time 200ms (factory setting), 100ms
Voltage 3.3V
Power supply lithium iron phosphate secondary battery
battery capacity 500mAh (both transmitter and receiver)
Transmitter current consumption (3.3V) 1mA
Receiver current consumption (3.3V) 0.5mA (alarm), 105mA (activation)
wavelength band 940nm±20nm
solar panel output current ≥2mA at twilight brightness 1800Lux
Operating environment temperature -20°C to 70°C
Weight Approximately 500g (both transmitter and receiver)