New PV inverter + transducer improves overload rate and reduces costs

New 50KVA isolation down transducer IPTR550202-980 has been released.
By using HUAWEI power conditioner SUN2000-63KTL-JPH0
It can improve the overload rate and reduce the BOS cost in low-voltage power plants.



While double-sided solar panels with high open-circuit voltage are currently in widespread use, the input voltage limit of inverters has become a bottleneck. Until now, the upper limit of the input voltage of most inverters with a capacity of 50KVA or more was 1000V. It is normal for the open-circuit voltage of a double-sided power generation panel to be 50 V or more (for example,EG-xxxM72-HE-BFDG), max 18 sheets per string with 10% margin, maximum 216 sheets for low pressure power plant less than 50KW, can be overloaded up to 98KW. If you increase the number of sheets more than that, there is a risk that the PV Inverter will stop on winter mornings.

The combination of SUN2000-63KTL-JPH0 and IPTR550202-980 expands the input voltage range by 1.5 times, and allows overloading up to 27 x 12 = 324 sheets and 147.4 kW with a 10% margin. By raising the output voltage to 550V, the main cable between the PV converter and the transformer can be handled with 22SQ, which also leads to cost reduction.

In the case of high voltage power generation, we can also expect a significant improvement in the overload rate (from 1.57 times to 2.36 times).

* To use the SUN2000-63KTL-JPH0 in a low-voltage power station of less than 50 kW, an output suppression certificate from the manufacturer is required. Please contact us for details. ‎