Selection of SIM card for remote monitoring

In order for remote power generation monitoring, remote crime prevention and security systems to connect to the Internet, it is necessary to subscribe to a mobile network (LTE) SIM card. This SIM card is also used in your cell phone. We have received many questions regarding the selection.
Our private cloud system needs to be accessed from an external computer, smartphone, etc. There are two ways to do it,
1. VPN network. Although it is highly secure and private, the hurdle is a little high because the customer needs IT expertise regarding VPN servers and clients.
2. Using a SIM card with a global IP address, which can be used without any special IT knowledge, is currently the most commonly used method. If you insert a SIM card with a global IP address into the system's mobile router, you can access it via the internet from anywhere in the world.
General carriers and MVNO companies only provide SIM cards with private IP addresses, but if you inquire, most of them have fixed IP address SIM card options, which will incur additional costs. A fixed IP is a fixed IP address on top of the global IP. in short
Fixed IP = Global IP + Fixed IP Option
Our"InfiPower Spider"When"Infi Power Guard"The system implements an automatic IP update function to lower your running costs, which means you can use it without the fixed IP option.
We will verify various SIM cards and introduce 2 types of SIM cards that are cheap and have global IP by default.

1. Type2 for exclusive use of the Aeon Mobile Data communication
The cheapest plan is 480 yen/month for 1GB (excluding tax, the same below), and uses a DoCoMo line. The feature is that there is a detailed price plan for each 1GB, and if the capacity is used up, it can be used without restrictions at a low speed of 200kbps. The live camera of our system consumes the most data, but if you set the camera to low resolution mode (still the image quality is easy to see on a smartphone), the necessary speed is 200 kbps or less, so you can virtually unlimitedly watch the camera.

2. OCN mobile ONE data communication only
The cheapest plan is 3GB for 780 yen/month, docomo line. The feature is that you can attach up to 4 sub cards for data capacity sharing to 1 main SIM card (400 yen / month / card), you can manage it collectively with a smartphone application, and you can also adjust the communication speed. If you are monitoring multiple sites, you can reduce the cost per site by sharing the capacity, and you can concentrate the data capacity in one place in case of emergency. When the capacity is used up, the low-speed communication will be reduced to 200kbps, but in the new course, if the communication capacity of the low-speed communication exceeds half of the basic communication capacity in the month, the speed of the low-speed communication may be further restricted.
If you apply for the SIM from the official website, a 3000 yen fee will be charged, but if you purchase it from Amazon, it will only cost a few hundred yen.

The size of the card cannot be changed easily, so it is safe to check the specifications of the device you are using before signing a contract. Due to fierce competition and government intervention, the cost of SIM cards has been declining year by year. Also, some surveillance systems on the market include 10-year long-term SIM card contracts, it's better to check in advance.

*Information as of April 20, 2022