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RSK7FP Solar power generation kit for folded-plate roof 7.5KW

7.5KW Solar power kit for folded-plate roof

Configuration, panel type and number, and roof type can also be customized. Please feel free to contact us!

* Storage battery can be added.



25(300W) Solar power plant kit for folded-plate roof RSK7FP

1.Monocrystal Panel EG-300M60-Cx25 (7.5KW) 10-year manufacturer's quality warranty, 20-year output warranty

2. HUAWEI 4.95KW PV Inverter SUN2000-4.95KTL-NHL2 ,10-year manufacturer's warranty

3. 3.5SQ PV cable for solar panel connection 100m, MC4 connector x 5 sets

4.Solar panel fixing bracket for folded-plate roof x 1 set

Power generation monitoring device, SmartLogger3000A