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RSK15FM Solar power generation kit for mountain type flat roof 15.0KW

15.0KW Solar power kit for mountain type flat roof

Configuration, panel type and number, and roof type can also be customized. Please feel free to contact us!

Optional storage battery can be added



50(300W) solar panels 15.0KW residential mountain type for flat-roof solar power plant kit RSK15FM.

1.Monocrystal Panel EG-300M60-Cx50 (15.0KW) 10-year manufacturer's quality warranty, 20-year output warranty

2.HUAWEI 4.95KW PV InverterSUN2000-4.95KTL-NH2 x2 units Manufacturer's 10-year warranty

3. 3.5SQ PV cable for solar panel connection 200m, MC4 connector x 10 sets

4. Solar panel fixing stand IM-WMCR for mountain type flat roof x 1 set

The mountain shape minimizes wind lift and is a trestle that can simply be placed. It can be installed at low cost if it is not possible to anchor to a land roof.

*Weights are concrete blocks.

Power generation monitoring device, SmartLogger3000A