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RSK7S Solar power generation kit for residential slate roof 7.5KW

7.5 KW Solar power kit for slate roof

Configuration, panel type and number, and roof type can also be customized. Please feel free to contact us!

* Storage battery can be added.



25(300W) Solar panels, 7.5KW residential, roof solar power plant kit RSK7S

1.Monocrystal Panel EG-300M60-Cx25 (7.5KW) 10-year manufacturer's quality warranty, 20-year output warranty

2. HUAWEI 4.95KW PV Inverter SUN2000-4.95KTL-NHL2 ,10-year manufacturer's warranty

3. 3.5SQ PV cable for solar panel connection 100m, MC4 connector x 5 sets

4.Solar panel fixing bracket for slate roof x 1 set

Wiring harness smartset ×1set
Power generation monitoring device, SmartLogger3000A