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W type fixed on the back side IP-MFBC

Solar panel mount Back side fixed



Panel rear fixed W type aluminum alloy mounting + ground screw foundation solar panel mounting, 4x4 (4 columns 4 rows) example made for 60 cell panel is shown in the drawing.

as a featureSince the panel is fixed from the back side, construction efficiency and maintainability are improved.

We can customize it according to the shape of the land, so please feel free to contact us (info@infipwr.com).

It is supported by two aluminum alloy rods on the vertical beam of the W-shaped frame, and is suitable for areas with snow accumulation of 40 cm or more.

* No need to level the ground flatly, so the construction speed is fast and the cost is low.

* Easy to remove and restore, does not generate industrial waste such as concrete, formwork, and surplus soil, and can be recycled with almost 100%

* Aluminum alloy alumite treatment

*Semi-permanent corrosion resistance and weather resistance → It can be installed in places such as coasts and sewage treatment plants, is resistant to salt, and has no restrictions on installation areas.

* No maintenance cost due to strong corrosion resistance

* Simple fastening using bolts, shortening of construction period and reduction of construction costs

* Earn ancillary income through scrap aluminum when decommissioned