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Mounting frame IM-WCR for flat roof only

Flat roof Mounting frame IM-WCR



It is a stand for flat roofs. After assembling, just place the weighted concrete blocks on the yellow plate and you are done!

It can be made to order according to the roof, please feel free to contact us. (info@infipwr.com).

* Just place it on the flat roof, no need to drill holes, no worry about rain leakage

* Easy to remove and restore, no industrial waste, almost 100% recyclable

* Aluminum alloy alumite treatment (anodized film thickness 12um)

*Semi-permanent corrosion resistance and weather resistance → It can be installed in places such as coasts and sewage treatment plants, is resistant to salt, and has no restrictions on installation areas.

* No maintenance cost due to strong corrosion resistance

* Simple fastening using bolts, shortening of construction period and reduction of construction costs

* Earn ancillary income through scrap aluminum when decommissioned