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ground screw pile

ground screw pile

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Various ground screw pile foundations.

Secure with 3 boltsPlug-in typeWhenflange typethere is. As a feature compared to others,

1. The diameter of the flange is 220mm, which increases the stability of the frame that can be placed on it and the range that can be adjusted back and forth and left and right.

2. In order to smoothen the flow of air and zinc, ventilation holes are provided in appropriate places to keep the uniformity of the plating on the long and thin piles.

  • Material: Q235
  • Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized
  • Outer Diameter: 68mm, 76mm
  • Wall thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm
  • Length: 800-2000mm
  • Flange: 8mm thick, 220mm diameter

*Easy to remove and restore, does not generate industrial waste such as concrete, formwork, surplus soil, 100% recyclable

*No need to place concrete, simple fastening using bolts, shortening of construction period and construction cost

*The land can be leveled to a minimum, and a slight difference in height is acceptable.

*It can be used as various foundations such as solar mounts, signboards, signs, etc.

Our piles have self-developed ventilation holes to ensure plating uniformity and high weld quality. Therefore, the inside of the pile is hard to get plating dust, and the inside is kept clean to prevent rust.

The exterior is similarly smooth welded and plated, so you can drive it firmly.

Ground screw pile comparison

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