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LUNA2000-4.95-5/10/15-L HUAWEI Hybrid 5/10/15kWh Energy Storage System

HUAWEI Hybrid 5/10/15kWh storage system



The hybrid energy storage system is a product that includes a hybrid power conditioner and storage batteries. The hybrid power conditioner has a high conversion efficiency of 97.0%, and the storage battery system is compact, with a depth of only 15 cm, yet has a long service life. The storage battery module capacity is 5 KWH, and up to three storage battery modules (maximum capacity 15 KWH) can be installed in a single DC-DC converter.

set content:
Single-phase 4.95kWPCS SUN2000-4.95KTL-JPL1 × 1 unit
5 kWh storage battery LUNA2000-5-NHE0 x 1-3 units
Data collection device Smartlogger 3000A Lite x 1 unit
DC-DC converter LUNA2000-5KW-NHC0 x 1 unit
CT set SmartPS2000-100-A x 1 unit

*Automatic switching panel (full load: HCD3M6-L5DSM6, specific load: HCD2L53-32DSM) is required. (This is currently a campaign and will be provided free of charge when the system is purchased.