Solar power plant security system "InfiPower GUARD" Ver1.0 release

Cases of power transmission cables and solar panels being stolen from solar power plants have occurred all over the country. Frequent patrols are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and general security services also incur significant monthly costs.

InfiPower LLC (head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) has started offering [InfiPower GUARD] version 1.0, a security system specialized for solar power generation facilities. There are no costs other than system costs and low-cost SIM card communication costs. Simultaneously released industrial security and surveillance cameras (CB2M4I6-8-35,CS62M20HI), a private remote security system can be created, and in this release, the newly developed Android smartphone/iPhone application and server software are mainly used to automatically update the IP address in real time, power off, disconnection alarm, camera We have expanded the functions from operation and recording, access from both web and app, simultaneous monitoring from multiple users, both maintenance and crime prevention of solar power plants.

Based on the company's PM-SAC16 hardware platform, there are four products depending on the internal configuration.

1. "InfiPower Spider" remote power generation monitoring system

2. "InfiPower GUARD" remote security system (with 8/16 port current sensor function, product announced this time)

3. Combined remote power generation + crime prevention system (with 8/16 port current sensor function) that integrates the above 1 and 2

Four. Simple 8-port/16-port current sensors (#1, #2, #3 current sensors in the drawing) without 1 power generation monitoring and 2 anti-theft functions

Customers who have already purchased "InfiPower Spider" can now upgrade to No. 3 "InfiPower Spider" + "InfiPower GUARD" integrated complex system free of charge.

【Product Summary】

Product name: “InfiPower GUARD”

Package contents:

  • InfiPower GUARD body
  • 5 current sensors (additional purchase possible)
  • 1 x 5V power adapter (input voltage 100-240V)
  • 1 grid AC connector
  • 1 MicroUSB cable
  • Related software 1 set
    *If the current to be monitored exceeds 80A, please purchase a T24 current sensor for 160A separately.

Key features:

Smartphone application module "InfiPower GUARD"

If you register the power plant you want to monitor with the "InfiPower GUARD" module of the application "InfiPower", you can receive real-time warning emails and push messages from the power plant to multiple users, and check the local situation while the camera automatically records. We can handle it.

Freely operate security cameras

With PTZ cameras, you can freely operate multiple cameras, specify the image quality and transfer mode according to the network speed, and monitor details from any angle as if you were on site.

Record event and recording history for post-mortem analysis and evidence submission

In conjunction with a current sensor, the camera automatically starts recording when triggered, allowing the user to check and respond to local conditions (always recording is also possible).


  • Since it is a private system that does not use the cloud, there is no server cost.
  • InfiPower GUARD server constantly monitors 8/16 port current sensors, and when the voltage and voltage exceed the threshold range, it will immediately send an alarm email and push a warning message to your smart phone
  • You can remotely operate multiple security cameras (InfiPower certified products)
  • Works from both web browser and smartphone app
  • InfiPower GUARD servers do not use electrolytic capacitors for extended service life
  • If you have a SIM card with a global IP address or a VPN, you can use it
  • The size of a business card case can be installed even in a narrow space

Detailed specifications