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Yingli Solar YLxxxP-35b(320W~345W)

Yingli Solar Polycrystalline 72 Cell Solar Panel YL320P-35b YL325P-35b YL330P-35b YL335P-35b YL340P-35b YL345P-35b module power range is 320W~345W.



Yingli Green Energy is a leading company in solar cell modules and a module manufacturer with a vertically integrated production process.

  • Our flagship product, the YGE 72 cell, is the most versatile module. This series is UL and TÜV certified.

Specifications https://www.yinglisolar.co.jp/products/files/201905/DS_YGE60Cell-29b_35mm_JP_1905_V4_7.pdf