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Panasonic PV Inverter VBPC259B3

Panasonic outdoor 5.9KW multi-string PV Inverter built-in junction box

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Manufacturer site:http://www2.panasonic.biz/es/souchikuene/solar_industrial/powerconditioner2.html


type Outdoor multi-string type PV Inverter 4.6kW type Outdoor multi-string type PV Inverter 5.9kW type
Installation location outdoor*1
Product number (model name) VBPC246B3 VBPC259B3
Rated output 4.6kW 5.9kW
Rated input voltage DC330V
Input operating voltage range 70 to 450 VDC※Five
Number of input circuits 4 circuits 5 circuits
Rated output voltage AC202V 50/60Hz
Power conversion efficiency*3 96% (95.5% [reference value]: when input voltage is 250 VDC)
Output fundamental wave power factor 0.95 or more (at rated output)
Inverter method Voltage type current control method
Switching method Sine wave PWM method
Insulation method Transformerless method
Electrical system (number of phases) Single-phase two-wire system (connected to single-phase three-wire distribution line)
grid protection AC overcurrent, DC overvoltage, DC undervoltage, AC undervoltage,
AC overvoltage, frequency rise, frequency drop, voltage rise suppression function
Islanding detection Passive method, active method (anti-islanding function for multi-unit interconnection, new FRT requirements)
Constant power factor control Compatible (80% to 100%)
Power failure manual recovery Correspondence
Independent operation*4 Manual switching (1.5kVA)
driving sound 30dB or less (A range value at 1m in front)*6
Size Width 480 x Depth 167 x Height 688 (mm) Width 503 x Depth 167 x Height 688 (mm)
Weight (body only) 29.0kg (32.0kg including wall mounting plate) 32.0kg (34kg including wall mounting plate)
Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C*7