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Fusion galvanized fence

Set Contents

2m wide x 1.4m high wire mesh

One 1.5m partition pillar

Accessories such as stainless steel bolts

800mm foundation pile

If there is a certain amount of order quantity, we can customize the height and width.


Fusion galvanized fence, plating amount 450/㎡ or more.

It can be used for both hammer driven pile foundations and ordinary concrete foundations. The pile bolts are hot-dip galvanized, and the wire mesh and post bolts are stainless steel A-2.


Price shown is for 1.5m height fence set includes:

  1. 1. 2m wide x 1.4m high wire mesh
  2. 2. One 1.5m partition pillar
  3. 3. Accessories such as stainless bolts
  4. 4. 800mm foundation pile

The height of the fence is 1.4m, which matches the height of a normal solar power generation stand, but if there is a certain amount of orders, the height and width can be made to order.