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JAM72D20-460/MB (front 460W)

JA Solar Monocrystalline 144 Half Cell 460W Double Sided Solar Panel




JA Solar (https://www.jasolar.com/html/japanese/www.egingpv.com) monocrystalline half-cell bifacial solar panel

Front 460W type 144 half cell bifacial panel size 2117*1052*35

【Product Features】

  • 5% to 20% increase in output due to back side power generation
  • The double-sided glass specification has excellent durability, and the expected life span is 30 years.
  • PERC technology enables high module conversion efficiency
  • As a bifacial solar panel, the size is relatively small and easy to handle

Module conversion efficiency 20.7%
Cell effective conversion efficiency 23.3% (JP-AC registration/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry equipment certification)

Module model number unit JAM72D20-460/MB
Nominal maximum power (Pmp) W. 460
Output Tolerance (Note 2) W. 0 to +3%
Output classification (Power Selection) (Note 2) W. 0 to +5
Nominal open circuit voltage (Voc) V. 49.91
Nominal maximum output voltage (Vmp) V. 41.79
Nominal short-circuit current (Isc) A. 11.50
Nominal maximum output current (Imp) A. 11.01
Short-circuit current temperature coefficient (αIsc) %/℃ +0.044
Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient (βVoc) %/℃ -0.272
Maximum output temperature coefficient (γPmp) %/℃ -0.350
Cell rated operating temperature (NOCT,@20℃) 45±2

Nominal Output Tolerance 0~+3% Maximum Series Fuse Rating 20A Maximum System Voltage 1500VDC (IEC)

Standard test conditions (STC) (air mass AM1.5, solar radiation intensity 1000W/m2, cell temperature 25°C)