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1-car parking solar carport CP52-L55W36

Solar carport for 1 car CP52-L55W36

Configuration, number of parking spaces, etc. can be customized. Please consult with us!

Optional storage battery can be added



Solar carport kit CP52-L55W36 for one-car parking, a carport from a Japanese domestic manufacturer combined with a 3.0KW solar power generation kit.

Wind resistance 46m/s
Snow accumulation: 40 cm
*The values are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.

Kit Contents

  • Monocrystal Panel EG-300M60-Cx10pcs(3.0KW)

  • HUAWEI 4.95KW PV Inverter SUN2000-4.95KTL-NHL2 ×1

  • 3.5SQ CV cable for solar panel connection 100m, MC4 connector x5 sets

  • Aluminum alloy, folded-plate roof carport set

  • Solar panel fixing brackets x 24 sets





Since the area is less than 200 ㎡, it is possible to apply for a building permit with a certificate of conformity.

*Customization is possible. Please feel free to contact us regarding the number of parking spaces, quantity and type of components, conformity certificates, building permits, etc.:
Optional storage battery can be added