Mask P3yx Start selling to general consumers

Our company has started selling masks on the EC site for general consumers. Product packages of 50 (1 box), 100 (2 boxes), 200 (4 boxes), and 2000 (40 boxes/carton) packages for adults and children/women, according to the specifications of each e-commerce site. We are happy to provide

[Sales method] 

1. InfiPower YAHOO store
If you make good use of YAHOO shopping mall's various return campaigns, consumer returns, etc., it will be a great bargain. All prices include shipping.

2, InfiPower store
This is our company's exclusive EC site from now on, the shipping fee is set in detail for each region, and you can profit from the cheaper shipping fee in areas such as Honshu and Kansai.

[Sales start date]
Friday, May 15, 2020

Please use the inquiry form on each site.

  • Product Name: Three-layer non-woven mask
  • Model number: P3yx
  • Filtration capacity: 0.075μm NaCl aerosol particulate 93.2% filtration
  • Target: Measures against pollen/dust (30 μm), bacteria/virus droplets (BFE 3 μm), PM2.5 (2.5 μm or less), virus (0.1 μm)
  • Certification: GB/T 32610 – 2016
  • Color/Shape: White pleated type
  • Features: Fluffy ear straps that are gentle on the ears
  • 2-core nose wire Perfect fit for nose
  • Material: PP non-woven fabric
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Body size: 175 x 95mm (regular size for adults), 150 x 90mm (size for children and women)